You discover two people in conversation during a late afternoon in Seoul and begin to spy on them. Wait, how did this happen? Two people that seem like they would never get along are on a blind date together?! But it almost seems like this man is having an out-of-body experience and the date continues to go south. After a while, the two enter a tense conversation and begin to participate in an intense mind game.

What kind of conclusion will after one careless comment is made?

Enjoy a story with limitless possibilities that changes based on the choices you make.

Title: Motesolo - No Girlfriend Since Birth

Release: June 9, 2021

Developer: Indicava Interactive

Publisher: Indicava Interactive

Platforms: Windows 7+


Purchased for Windows from Steam.

Watch the full playthrough in our video section.

Kimo..... Chan-Ho Park

Yumi..... Da-Young Lee

Suna..... E-Wha Chu

Sechi..... Sung-Woo Kim

Directed by.....OHKAPI

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