MIAZMA is the second Jonathan Hunt adventure, sequel to award-winning FMV title Yoomurjak's Ring. The agile NY journalist embarks on a new investigation after a curious meteorite. What is inside the devilish stone? Is it a huge gem, a magic formula or a devastating substance?


Release: 2015, 2018

Developer: Private Moon Studios

Publisher: Microïds Indie

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista, 7, 8, 10


Title One
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MIAZMA is now available from Steam.

MIAZMA, the sequel to Yoomurjak's Ring, is a Hungarian FMV game made by Private Moon Studios. It's Hungarian title is MIAZMA avagy az ördög köve.

It was originally released in 2015 for Windows and an English version was released in 2018.

Visit the Official Website and Developer's Page.


Görög László

Kerekes Vica

Gáti Oszkár

Dósa Mátyás

Directed by..... Komlós András

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