Markus Ritter - The Lost Family takes place in Vienna, Austria. Markus is a young man without any ambitions in life just living from day to day. However he is haunted by nightmares that don't make any sense. The only reoccuring thing is a young woman in a white dress. Who is she? And why does she seem so familiar...

Are they really just dreams?

Title: Markus Ritter - The Lost Family

Release: August 20, 2021

Developer: Flimmersoft

Publisher: Flimmersoft

Platforms: Linux, Windows 7+


Purchase for Linux and Windows.

The game was developed as a fan project made by two people over the course of one and a half years. It was filmed in Vienna, Austria.

The game ends with an announcement of a Kickstarter for the sequel.

Watch the full playthrough in our video section

Markus..... Michael Kozmann

Produced by.....Paul Burian

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