Manhattan... A city of greed. The untimely demise of Sarah Shields, a bar pianist who jumped to her death from her apartment window, was nothing uncommon in the hustle and bustle of this never-slowing city. After all, what's one more suicide? Or was it? Now, as the unexpected emerges, truths and half-truths emerge one after another. J.B. Harold is back walking the streets, seeking the clues which have remained hidden... Now you are in command as the hero, conducting the investigation like the pro you are. Solve the riddle, as easy as unraveling tangled thread, as you search for the facts behind Sarah's death in "Manhattan Requiem."

Release: 1993

Developer: Riverhillsoft, Inc.

Publisher: Riverhillsoft, Inc.

Type: Mystery

Platform: Pioneer LaserActive

Title Three


Part of the J.B. Harold Series along with Blue Chicago Blues.

J.B. Harold..... Richard Hench

Written by..... Rika Suzuki

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