Another murder has occurred here in Chicago, where traces of the good old days still remain. The day after a girl in a red dress was found dead, a woman who is the presumed murderer was killed at the same spot: Catherine White, a Liberty Town Police Department detective. Learning of the death of Catherine, her co-worker and fiance, J.B. Harold, immediately flew to Chicago.

The complex human relationships around Angie Hart, the girl killed, were like a tangled web. The secrets and past lives of suspects hidden behind the case gradually rise to the surface as the investigation progresses... who killed Angie and Catherine?      (description from Laseractive Version)

Release: 1994

Developer: Riverhillsoft Inc.

Publisher: Riverhillsoft Inc.

Type: Adventure/Mystery

Platforms: Laseractive


In addition to the English Laserdisc version, there's also a Japanese 3DO version.

This is the follow-up to the Laseractive FMV game Manhattan Requiem.

J.B. Harold..... Richard Hench

Detective..... Shane Stanley

Directed by..... Gregory Alosio

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