'Iron Sky: Invasion' tells the story of the desperate battle between the vile Nazis from the dark side of the moon and the valiant warriors of Earth. Stuck in the middle of this intergalactic conflict is our hero, rallying Earth's pilots in a heroic last stand against the evil Admiral Kreutz and his moon-Nazis.

(description from the Official Website)

Title: Iron Sky: Invasion

Release: December 12, 2012

Developer: Reality Pump Studios

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: Android, Linux, Mac, PS3, Windows, Xbox 360



Title One
Vid Pic One      

The game is based on the film Iron Sky (2012) and features many of the same actors, many of whom shot additional scenes specifically for the game.

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Renate Richter..... Julia Dietze

Admiral Kreutz..... Kaspar Eichel

Mr. Sharma..... Irshad Panjatan

Madame President..... Stephanie Paul

Jason Bailey..... Tyron Ricketts

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