Plunge into the dark ambiance of the 30's through the memories of a journalist working under an out-of-control editor who has become dangerous. Find the videos, the records, the radio programs and the reporter's notebooks. Piece the story of a unique newspaper together. Unlock its secrets.

Title: How To Shoot A Criminal

Release: Jan 20, 2017

Developer: Pandorica

Publisher: Pandorica

Platforms: Windows 7,8,10


Title One
Vid Pic One      

How To Shoot a Criminal is a French-language game with the option to turn on English text and subtitles.

Available on Steam.

Visit the Official Website at HowToShootACriminal.com.

Aaron Williams..... Tom Rieu

Scarlett Eppledore..... Julie Cappe de Baillon

Amy Moss..... Alizée Veauvy

Lance Aisnay..... Loïc Janin

Directed by..... Mélanie Toubeau

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