You play Chandler, the showrunner for the state's most popular propaganda TV show: Laughsail! You and your puppet co-stars have been called in on a Saturday because the show has killed off another cabin boy, and you need to make sure the training program for the new actor is up to scratch. You'll deal with egos, confusion, and some tired friends, but you're used to it. And besides... anything for the state.

Title: Howdy, Jacob!

Release: July 17, 2017

Developer: SeedBolt Studios LLC

Publisher: SeedBolt Studios LLC

Platforms: Mac OSX 10.8+, Windows XP+


Purchased for Mac and Windows from Steam.

Visit the developer's website.

Creative Director..... Michael T. Middleton

Technical Director..... Yori Kvitchko

Creator/Writer..... Michael T. Middleton

Tommy Walters
Stoph Scheer
Michael T. Middleton

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