The twisted genius behind the original science game Operation: Weather Disaster is back! And this time around, the infamous Jonah Rainwater has reformed himself into the new, improved Jonah Greenstreet. But is he the eco-friendly good guy that he seems to be?

As the newest recruit to Team Xtreme's elite Eco-Division, you'll embark on a globe spanning quest to solve this eco-mystery.

(description from the back of the Windows version)

Release: 1997

Developer: Human Code

Publisher: Discovery Channel

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Windows 3.x, Windows 95


Operation: Eco-Nightmare was released by Discovery Channel Multimedia as an educational video game.

This game is a sequel to Operation: Weather Disaster (1995).

Jonah Greenstreet..... Bill Wise

Sludge..... Jason Phelps

Ivy..... Sonja Parks

Sunshine..... Sonya Tsuchigane

Directed by..... John M. Smith

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