A refurbished version of the original Digital Pictures/SEGA classic. Eddie (Corey Haim) is locked in the basement of his apartment complex. The whole place is booby-trapped and Eddie gives you the controls to the traps so you can defeat a seemingly never-ending group of intruders and discover the mystery surrounding a mysterious statue in the building.

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Release: December 2016

Developer: Digital Pictures

Publisher: Flash Film Works

Type: Quicktime/Strategy

Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone


Title One
Vid Pic One       Vid Pic One      

Re-release of the classic Digital Pictures game. This version has updated controls and refurbished visuals.

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Eddie..... Corey Haim

Lyle..... R. Lee Ermey

Elizabeth..... Deborah Harry

Programmer..... Tyler Hogle

Director..... Mary Lambert

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