An interactive movie directly in your mobile device. Enjoy a date through eyes of a guy who approaches a girl in a bar. You decide what you will do and where the story will lead. Will it be a fiasco or beginning of a wonderful relationship?

-About 15 minutes of story, but plenty of possibilities to discover.
-Notice her reactions and find what works with her.
-Find out what she really wants and get the best ending!

(description from the iTunes page)

Release: 2012

Developer: Matous Jezek

Publisher: Trickster Arts

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: iPad, iPhone


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Date Me If You Can was shot in the Czech Republic. This version is with English dubbing.

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Dana..... Barbora Mudrová

Petr..... Pavel Hyza

Barman..... Martin Tlapák

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