Ten years in the making and with more animated storytelling footage than any other game in history, DARKSTAR tantalizes with 13 hours of movie plot and thrills with over two dozen alternate endings. Live-Action actors inhabit an elaborate world of mystery, murder and intrigue, with puzzles, mazes, devices and countless strategic challenges. A true rock and roll space opera that will keep you spellbound and on the edge of your seat!

(description from the back of the PC version)

Release: 2010

Developer: Parallax Studios

Publisher: Parallax Studios

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Mac, PC


Title One
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Produced, written, directed and animated by J. Allen Williams over the period of a decade.

Features the entire original cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Includes a 23-minute blooper reel.

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A downloadable version can be purchased HERE.

Capt. John O'Neil..... Clive Robertson

Ross Perryman..... Trace Beaulieu

Crewmember..... Justin Clay Amant

Narrator (voice)..... Peter Graves

Directed by..... J. Allen Williams

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