Prepare yourself for the most revolutionary adventure game ever created.

As the central figure in an epic science fiction story, you'll struggle to learn the ultimate secret behind your uncle's mysterious death. Your quest will take you to the depths of a dangerous mining colony on the far side of the galaxy. But be warned. Nothing is what it seems. And the stakes are much higher than you could ever dream.

Release: 1998

Developer: SouthPeak Interactive LLC

Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive LLC

Type: Sci-Fi Adventure

Platforms: Windows


Not to be confused with the FMV game "The Dark Side of the Moon" (2020).

Publisher SouthPeak Interactive also published the FMV games Temujin: A Supernatural Adventure, Boombots, and the cancelled game 20,000 Leagues: The Adventure Continues.

Directed by..... Eddie Bowen

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