Morgan Shane has disappeared, leaving a bloody trail of mayhem in her wake. But is she a monster or a victim of something far more sinister than the authorities are imagining? And the biggest question of all: Can you unravel the mystery before the same dark force that targeted Morgan finds you?

Daemon_9 is not a movie... it's not a game... it's both. It's like a horror movie inside an escape room that puts YOU in the heart of the story. Full-motion video, graphic images and challenging brain teasers intertwine to spin a deeply layered story of supernatural terror and mystery.

Release: October 31, 2018

Developer: Curio Productions

Publisher: Curio Productions

Type: Point-And-Click

Platforms: Linux, Mac OSX 10.1, Windows 7+


Title One
Vid Pic One       Vid Pic One      

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Morgan Shane..... Stephanie Ver Eecke

Anna Hendricks..... Rebecca Forsythe

Adam..... Julian Curtis

Tai / Chiyou Zhou..... Haurjie Gunn

Director..... Jeffrey Jackson

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