In this action-packed interactive movie, you will experience the beautiful atmosphere of Istanbul and you will be the leading role in this movie thanks to POV shooting. You will walk on the edge of death and sometimes you will have to kill to live.

According to the choices you will make, this game will drag you to one of 6 different final scenes. You will experience the results of your choices from the beginning to the end. You will have a limited time to make your decisions.

Release: August 14, 2020

Developer: Karayel

Publisher: Karayel

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: Windows


At the publisher's request, CRYPTEX is no longer available for sale on Steam.

Visit the developer's Twitter page.

Yunus Emre Bas

Onur Dogan

Ömer Güney

Erdem Eren

Akin Hidir

Samet Aygün

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