Before CDs and DVDs we had interactive VCR games. For some games you would play along with a boardgame or a card game and as technology got better you could play with a light gun and a scoring system (ex. Action Max titles).

Below is a list of some of the VCR games we've come across:

Action Max: .38 Ambush Alley

Action Max: Blue Thunder

Action Max: Hydrosub: 2021

Action Max: The Rescue of Pops Ghostly

Action Max: Sonic Fury

Atmosfear: The Harbingers

Atmosfear: The Soul Rangers

Candy Land VCR Board Game

Clue VCR Mystery Game

Clue II: Murder in Disguise

Doorways to Adventure

Doorways to Horror

Dragon Strike

Ellery Queen's Operation: Murder

Flash Match VCR Game

The Honeymooners VCR Game

Isaac Asimov's Robots

Nightmare (aka Atmosfear)

Nightmare II: Baron Samedi Zombie

Nightmare III

Nightmare IV

Party Mania Fabulous Interactive VCR Game

Play Action VCR Football

Rich Little's VCR Charades Game

Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Klingon Challenge

Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game

The Three Stooges VCR Game

Trivial Pursuit: Star Trek Edition

The VCR Basketball Game

The VCR Golf Game

The VCR Hockey Game

The VCR Quarterback Game

The VCR WWF WrestleMania Game

VCR 221B Baker Street

VCR California Games

VCR College Bowl Game

VCR Game Predicaments: Hosted By Joan Rivers

VH1 Pop Up Video

Wayne's World VCR Game

Winter Olympics VCR Game

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