Command & Conquer and Red Alert defined the RTS genre 25 years ago and are now both fully remastered in 4K by the former Westwood Studios team members at Petroglyph Games. Includes all 3 expansion packs, rebuilt multiplayer, a modernized UI, Map Editor, bonus gallery of unreleased FMV footage, and over 7 hours of legendary remastered music by Frank Klepacki.

Welcome back, Commander.

Release: 2020

Developer: Petroglyph, Lemon Pie Studios

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Type: Cutscenes / Strategy

Platforms: Windows 8.1/10



Title One
Vid Pic One       Vid Pic One      

Kane..... Joseph D. Kucan

Tanya..... Lynne Litteer

Gen. Sheppard..... Eric Martin

Gen. Esling..... Arthur Roberts

Albert Einstein..... John Milford

Directed by..... Joseph D. Kucan

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