"Professor Plum...in the kitchen...with a candlestick." For decades, CLUE has been one of the world's most popular detective games. Now the celebrated murder mystery comes to life with live actors, sensational video and the powers of interactive investigation.

Mr. Boddy has been found murdered in the mansion. Your job is to be the first to discover the killer, the lethal weapon and the room in which the deadly deed was done.

(description from the back of the CDi version)

Release: 1994

Developer: 3T Productions

Publisher: Philips Interactive

Type: Mystery

Platforms: CD-i, Windows


Based on the popular Parker Brothers board game "Clue."

Clue is the North American title, but the game is known as Cluedo around the world.

Requires a CD-i Digital Video Card.

Mrs. White..... Joan Sims

Mrs. Peacock..... Susan Wooldridge

Professor Plum..... David Healy

Mr. Green..... Stuart Milligan

Colonel Mustard..... John Standing

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