Cibele is a game about love, sex, and the internet. You play as a 19 year old girl who has become
close with a young man she met in an online game. Her relationship with him heats up, becoming more and more intimate with each phone call and private chat.

(description from the Steam Store Page)

Release: November 2015

Developer: Star Maid Games

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: Mac OSX (10.10.5+), Windows 7/8



Title One
Vid Pic One      

Cibele is a vignette game based on a true story. It aims to examine the tension between real bodies and digital bodies in the context of online relationships through player-character embodiment.

The game takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to play in full and it's recommended you play in one sitting with headphones. The game is intended for mature audiences.

Available for purchase from Steam or from the official website at

Nina..... Nina Freeman

Film Producer..... Samantha Corey

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