At the onset, a clown arrives at the wrong party and is violently assaulted by a group of twenty-something girls. He returns the following year to take revenge on these girls, one by one. In this interactive game, the viewer gets to make choices that change the outcome. By choosing correctly, the heroines can survive without a scratch. Choose wrong, and they meet with Chuckle's chainsaw.

(description from IMDB)

Title: Chuckle's Revenge

Release: 2010

Developer: Run Amuk Media

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: DVD


From the makers of the cancelled game Virtual Prey.

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Chuckle is the perfect villian; an evil yet sympathetic character.

Monica..... Liannet Borrego

Kristen..... Nicola Fiore

Kelly..... Kristina Plisko

Paula..... Brigette Robinson

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