this is BMX!
BMX XXX is the most outrageous, most controversial, funniest game ever.

Hilarious scripted events written by Hollywood's best comedians.

Mind-blowing mature content that will have you belly laughing and coming back for more.

Create-a-Rider lets you make a BMX rider in your own image or you can build a bevy of BMX babes, your choice! Compete against other hardcore riders at UGP's Roots Jam 2002 or at the fabled Rampage Skate Park.

Title: BMX XXX

Release: November 10, 2002

Developer: Acclaim Entertainment

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: Gamecube, PS2, Xbox



Title One
Vid Pic Two       Vid Pic Two      

The Xbox and GameCube versions contain topless nudity. The PS2 version was edited to eliminate any nudity.

In a 2002 press release, the CEO of Acclaim had this to say about BMX XXX's widespread controversy: "While we acknowledge that we are setting new benchmarks with BMX XXX, we are disappointed that there are groups who fail to see how this humorous product is truly on par with such widely accepted mainstream entertainment experiences, including movies like American Pie, and TV shows like The Sopranos and Sex and the City."

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