Blurring the lines between entertainment and interactivity, Bank Run is an experience like no other.

Part one of your adventure begins here at bankrungame.com where you play the character of Evan Sharpe, your typical office drone. Take this live action adventure in to your own hands as he's catapulted into a world of sexy spies, double-crossing agents and evil corporations. Help him survive by making the right choices and reacting quickly during playable moments...

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

Title: Bank Run

Release: 2010

Developer: SilkTricky

Publisher: Tricky Mistress LLC

Type: Quicktime/Adventure

Platforms: Flash Online, iPhone


From SilkTricky, the husband-and-wife team behind The Outbreak. They call their work "enteractivity" which is defined as "that sweet spot where interactive and entertainment meet." The SilkTricky team consists of Chris and Lynn Lund and Noah Costello.

The game starts online with a teaser at bankrungame.com and finishes up with the iphone version.

Directed by..... SilkTricky

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