The father and mother of all 'Haunted Mansion' games!

The famous game remastered in a new 25th Anniversary Edition! Winner of multiple gaming awards and "No. 1 Rated Game of 1994."

(description from the CD-i version)

Title: The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition

Release: April 2, 2019

Developer: Trilobyte, MojoTouch

Publisher: MojoTouch

Platform: Windows 7,8,10

Title Three


Title One
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Night Dive Studios re-released the original game in 2012 for iOS, Steam, and Mac.

This 25th Anniversary Edition features: new gameplay controls, new game menus, high-end graphics upscaling, and extras.

Visit Trilobyte Games at their website.

Title Three

Henry Stauf..... Robert Hirschboeck

Tad..... Douglas Knapp

Brian Dutton..... Michael Pocaro

Directed by..... Joe McDermott

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