The ill-fated mansion of deranged toymaker Henry Stauf has been left to corrode and decompose for 70 years. However, the ominous silence only concealed the deadly legacy of madness and, when a journalist named Carl Denning arrives to search for his missing lover, the malignant past and undying forces are brought back to the real world. Three mysterious women are your only guides as you try to escape the haunted house.

(description from the GOG.com website)

Title: The 11th Hour

Release: 1995, 2012

Developer: Trilobyte

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Type: Mystery/Puzzle

Platform: Mac, PC

Title Three


Night Dive Studios re-released the game in 2012 for Steam.

Visit Trilobyte Games at their website.

Title Three

Henry Stauf..... Robert Hirschboeck

Carl Denning..... Douglas O'Keeffe

Robin Morales..... Suzy Joachim

Directed by..... David Wheeler

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