Fight the War on Drugs yourself in Crime Patrol II: Drug Wars! Targeting the entire illegal drug distribution chain is a truly international war. Drug Wars will take you through it all from small town traffickers to big city organized cartels. You will be involved with the boarder patrol tracking international drug runners.

If your shooting skills are good enough, you'll be assigned to South America to destroy the source and capture the drug king.

(description from the DVD website)

Title: Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars

Release: 1993

Developer: American Laser Games

Publisher: The 3DO Company

Type: Shooter

Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, DVD, PC,

Title One
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"Drug Wars" is made by American Laser Games; the same company that brought you "Mad Dog McCree" and "Who Shot Johnny Rock."

"Drug Wars" is available on DVD from Digital Leisure.



Corny acting but good arcade shooter.

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