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Police! Hands Up! New to the force, you'll walk the beat and feel the heat... but its not the kinda heat you're gonna like!

Gang Members, Armed Robbers, and other street criminals may prevent you from making detective, better call for back-up. Get promoted and you'll go undercover to break up car thief rings and drug dealers. SWAT will be your ultimate assignment in confronting bank robbers and terrorists.

Take 'em in boys, it's party time! (description from the Digital Leisure Website)

Title Three

Title: Crime Patrol

Release: 1993

Developer: American Laser Games

Type: Shooter

Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, DVD, PC, Sega CD

Title Three

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One of several FMV shooters produced by American Laser Games.

Title Three



Shoot before you get shot!

Title Three

Delta Team Partner..... Glenn Atkins

SWAT Team Partner..... Paulette DePascal

Directed by..... Barry Kirk

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