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REVIEW: Double Switch for Mobile Devices

We discuss the release of the beloved FMV game for mobile devices (January 2017)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Night Trap For Mobile

We got our hands on the mobile prototype for the FMV classic Night Trap. Here are our first impressions (2016)

INTERVIEW: Tyler Hogle, Developer of Night Trap For Mobile

Interview with the developer of the Night Trap prototype for Android (2016)

INTERVIEW: Paul Franzen (A Stranger Comes Calling)

Interview with the creator and star of "a Stranger Comes Calling" (2015)

INTERVIEW: Adam Prusan (Virtual Prey, Chuckle's Revenge)

Interview with the creator and star of "Chuckle's Revenge" (2015)

REVIEW: The Plumber

MovieMaze Returns With Another Interactive Comedy Game (2015)

FIRST LOOK: Contradiction

A first look at the upcoming interactive film "Contradiction" (2014)

INTERVIEW: Jared Hoffa (Project: Slasher)

Interview with the producer and star of "Project: Slasher." (2009)

FIRST LOOK: Latent Lava

A first look at the upcoming interactive film "Latent Lava" (2008)

INTERVIEW: Michael Thomasson (Good Deal Games)

Interview with the CEO of retro game company "Good Deal Games." (2008)

INTERVIEW: Omar Khudari (The Act)

Cecropia's Omar Khudari discusses his video game "The Act" and what he calls "personality games." (2008)

INTERVIEW: Christopher Bankston (Sega of America)

An interview with the producer of some of your favorite Sega CD games from the 1990s. (2007)

"Full Motion Vision Quest"

Polygon managing editor Justin McElroy thought it would be a good idea to review every FMV game. (2014)

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"Project NEMO and the Demise of FMV Games"

Article chronicling Project NEMO and the rise and fall of Digital Pictures (2014)

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"Fond Memories: Space Ace"

IGN takes a look back at the classic arcade game "Space Ace." (2008)

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