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Scream: Choose Your Own Murder is an interactive online game promoting the MTV series Scream. Although the website url is, I could not survive this game. Seriously. I think you are literally choosing between death scenarios. Check it out for yourselves then let me know what you think in the FMV World Forums.

  ➡  Scream: Choose Your Own Murder (LINK)

  Scream (TV Series) Trailer

  Scream (TV Series) Full Episode 1

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Double Switch Actor Irwin Keyes Dies

It saddens us to hear that actor Irwin Keyes died at age 63. Keyes memorably starred as Brutus in Double Switch and as The Jailkeeper in The Adventures of Pinocchio.

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HER STORY Gets Game of the Month Honors From Gamespot

Gamespot has named Her Story their Game of the Month for June 2015. The critically acclaimed FMV game beat out several other major June releases including Batman Arkham Knight, Heroes of the Storm, and the most recent episode of Tales from the Borderlands.

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