It's nightfall and she knows you're watching...

Are you clever enough to stop the killer? Will you risk everything to save her? All guests are suspect, all rooms are visible and all of the action - no matter how private - is available for viewing. It will take your wits, resources and skill to prevent the murder... because tonight... watching is not enough!

Release: 1996

Developer: InterWeave Entertainment

Publisher: Philips Interactive Media

Type: Mystery

Platforms: DOS, Mac, Windows 3.x


The sequel to the controversial game "Voyeur" starring Robert Culp.

A warning was printed on the box that read: "Includes nudity and adult subject matter. Not suitable for persons under the age of 18."

Although co-developed and published by Philips Interactive Media, the game was never released for the Philips CD-i.

Dr. Everett Cussler..... William Burns

Peter Cussler..... Matthew Flint

Elizabeth Duran..... Jennifer O'Neill

Sylvio Donato..... David Groh

Sheriff John Parker..... Dennis Weaver

Directed by..... Robert Weaver

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