While digging up info on a law enforcement corruption case, you get too close to the truth. Suddenly your world's turning violently upside down.

A sheriff's deputy has the bad manners to turn up dead, and all fingers are pointing to you. The police want you for murder. You should hope they find you first. Members of a mysterious criminal organization are also on your tail. And those guys are playing for keeps.

The only chance you have to reveal the truth, and clear your name, is to collect the proof of your innocence during a frantic flight through the streets of the city.

Release: 1996

Developer: Coktel Vision

Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Type: Point-and-Click

Platforms: Windows 3.x, Windows 95


Contains 4 CDs of full-screen full-motion video shot in Paris.

"Lost in Town" was the development title and also the subtitle of the game.



Cheesy but in a charming way.

Max..... Brandon Massey

Directed by..... Philippe Lamarque

Directed by..... Silvan Boris Schmid

Directed by..... Muriel Tramis

Directed by..... Jean-Marc Vincent

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