"The Act" is a revolutionary new interactive comedy that was created by an all-star team of former Disney animators. With The Act, you enjoy the experience of playing a video game that's also a high quality, hand drawn, animated feature film.

In "The Act," you take the role of Edgar, a shy window washer who is tossed into a strange role and must keep up the deception - The Act - as the story unfolds through very entertaining scenes and comic adventures.

(description from the developer's website)

Release: 2005

Developer: Cecropia

Publisher: Cecropia

Type: Personality Game

Platforms: Arcade (Limited)

Title One
Vid Pic One      

Cecropia founder Omar Khudari calls The Act a "personality game" in which you react appropriately to the body language of those around you.

The Act was released for Mac and iOS through React Entertainment.

Visit the official website at: theactgame.com



Innovative and charming. Brilliant.

Animation Director..... Broose Johnson

Directed by..... Omar Khudari

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