You are Cadet Qaylan Furlong. Your father was killed by the Borg in the bsttle of Wolf 359. Now, ten years later, the Borg are attacking again, and Starfleet won't allow you to stay aboard the Starship Cheyenne to avenge your father's death.

But Q will.

He'll do better than that, in fact. He will take you back in time ten years and put you on the same ship as your father to give you a chance to save him... and the entire Federation. It's a mission of extreme danger, difficult choices and surprising results.

Release: 1996

Developer: Simon & Schuster

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Mac, Windows 95


Starring "Star Trek" favorite, John de Lancie, reprising his role as "Q."

Features 120 minutes of original footage.

The set includes "The Picard Dossier," a comprehensive giude to the Borg.

The space-combat sim "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" is another Star Trek game with FMV.



A MUST for fans of Star Trek.

Q..... John de Lancie

Nikolai Andropov..... Barry Lynch

Dr. Biraka..... John Cothran

Anastasia Targus..... Marnie McPhall

Directed by..... James L. Conway

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