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Head down the streets of London using breakthrough interactive DVD video to crack three original murder mysteries. Are you ready to question suspects and sift through clues to see if you can beat the famous Baker Street detective at his own game? Playable on any standard DVD Video player, simply grab your remote control and gather your family and friends to play this revolutionary game in your home. But be quick-the game's afoot.

Cases include: The Case of the Mummy's Curse / The Case of the Tin Soldier / The Case of the Mystified Mummy (description from the back of the DVD Version)

Title Three

Release: 1999

Developer: ICOM Simulations, Inc.

Publisher: Infinite Ventures

Platforms: DVD

Title Three


Title Two

Infinite Ventures also re-released "Dracula Unleashed" in 2000.

"Sherlock Holmes" was the first CD-based FMV game released on home consoles (TurboDuo then Sega CD).

Also release by ICOM Simulations for Mac, PC, Sega CD, and TurboDuo.

Three Volumes-In-One package available for PC - commonly known as
   "Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Collection."

Title Three



Good acting and clever mysteries. An excellent interactive film.

Title Three

Sherlock Holmes..... Peter Farley

Dr. Watson..... Warren Green

Produced by..... Ken Tarolla

Directed by..... Ken Tarolla

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