Jack's back. In 2040, a vicious serial killer stalks the mean streets of New York, eviscerating his victims and vanishing without a trace. The police are baffled, the city paralyzed with fear. Only you, as crime reporter Jack Quinlan, can crack the case.

(description from the back of the PC version.)

Title: Ripper

Release: 1996

Developer: Take 2 Interactive, Inc.

Publisher: Take 2 Interactive, Inc.

Type: Mystery

Platforms: DOS, Macintosh


This is one of the best casts ever assembled for an FMV game: Christopher Walken, Paul Giamatti, Ossie Davis, Burgess Meredith, Karen Allen, John Rhys-Davies and Jimmie "JJ" Walker.

Director Phil Parmet is cinematographer on many of Rob Zombie's movies including "Halloween" and "The Devil's Rejects." He also directed the FMV game Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine.

Jake Quinlan..... Scott Cohen

Det. Magnotta..... Christopher Walken

Wofford..... Burgess Meredith

Clare Burton..... Karen Allen

Dr. Bud Cable..... Paul Giamatti

Directed by..... Phil Parmet

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