Not just another pretty interface.

She's strong, she's sexy, she's beautiful. She can rise to glory or die gutted, dismembered, destroyed, in gushing fountains of her own crimson blood. It's your choice.

(description from the back of the PC Version)

Title: Riana Rouge

Release: 1997

Developer: Black Dragon Productions

Publisher: Black Dragon Productions

Type: Adult

Platforms: Mac, PC


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Actress and producer Gillian Bonner (Riana Rouge) was Playboy Playmate of the Month for April 1996.



Cheesy graphics and gameplay but one of the better adult fmv games.

Riana Rouge..... Gillian Bonner

Frank Virago/Gash..... Joshua Cane

Javelin..... Heather Lawler

Written by..... Nancy Oliver

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