Walk alongside Janelle (Ambre Lake) as her normal day turns upside down. But this time, don't just watch her suffer, join the action and make your own choices as to where she should go and what she should do.

Come on. You deserve it. After years of watching overplayed horror films, it's time you had a say.

She Lives. She Dies. You Choose.

(description from the developer's website)

Title: Project: Slasher

Release: 2008

Developer: Be A Productions

Publisher: Be A Productions

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: DVD, Online


Actress Ambre Lake was winner of the reality television show "Rock of Love 2" with Bret Michaels.

Playable online at the website: ProjectSlasher.com



A short interactive horror film with genuine thrills.

Janelle..... Ambre Lake

Brother #1..... Jared Hoffa

Brother #2..... Shea Stanislaw

Written by..... Logan M. Futej

Directed by..... Logan M. Futej

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