Noir takes you back to 1940 Los Angeles in a shadowy thriller created entirely in dramatic black and white. A simple point-and-click interface takes you through six unsolved cases, ranging from wartime espionage to the underground lairs of Chinatown, from the seductive excesses of Hollywood to the smoke-filled deceit of the nightclub underworld.

(description from the back of the PC version.)

Release: 1996

Developer: Cyber Dreams, Inc.

Publisher: Cyber Dreams, Inc.

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows 3.x


Shot entirely in black-and-white.

The six cases can be solved in any order.

Three levels of play difficulty. Also includes an "informant" help feature.

Writer/Director Jeff Blyth provides the voice of the radio announcer in the game.

Jack Slayton..... John Boyle

Joan LaFontaine..... Lesley Tesh

Agnes Simon..... Karen Teliha

Written by..... Jeff Blyth

Directed by..... Jeff Blythe

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