Climb into the director's seat and make the movie you want to see! You pick the characters and choose what happens to them. You control everything with the push of a button.

Intrigue and adventure collide at a hip after-hours party. Does Leslie find the FBI agent who can save her or does she dance with the devil? Does Richard get his just desserts or win his evil empire? Does Jack stay a gutless weasel or duke it out with a ninja? It's up to you. Part movie, part game, better than film school - it's a ChoicePoint Film.

(description from the back of the DVD Version)

Release: 1998

Developer: Interfilm Technologies

Publisher: Planet Theory

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: DVD


Title One
Vid Pic One      

I'm Your Man was originally released in select theaters in 1992. At the time it was referred to as an "Interfilm" ("ChoicePoint" on the DVD). The movie theater was rigged with joysticks with color-coded buttons and the audience would vote on the choices provided in the film. The theatrical intro is a bonus on the retail DVD.

A. Whitney Brown (Professor) was a writer/featured performer on SNL in the 1980s while actor Kevin Seal (Jack) was an MTV VJ. Mark Metcalf (Richard) is best known for his role in the film Animal House and as "Maestro" on the television show Seinfeld. Joe Jackson ("Stepping Out") composed the music for the film. Director Bob Bejan also directed the unreleased interactive films Ride For Your Life and Bombmeister.



Nice interactive movie, but very short.

Jack Beaner..... Kevin Seal

Leslie Campbell..... Colleen Quinn

Richard Hewitt..... Mark Metcalf

Professor Bob..... A. Whitney Brown

Directed by..... Bob Bejan

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