You wake up one morning to a town full of strangers and inexplicable sights. You share your home with your not so perfect family and your supposed fiancee lives next door.

Then you are plunged into a nightmare! Your fiancee is missing and you find a hideous bloody skull and spinal chord draped across her bed! Is it hers? What is going on?

The only clue left behind is an engraved invitation for you to enter THE ORDER OF THE HARVEST MOON a mysterious organization that controls the town in ways you don't (or can't) understand.

Release: 1996

Developer: DigiFX Interactive, Inc.

Publisher: Merrit Studios, Inc.

Type: Adventure

Platforms: DOS, Linux, Mac, Windows XP


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Due to delays, the game was released two years after its intended release date.

Harvester is available now for Windows and Mac from GOG.com.

Harvester is available now for Windows and Linux on Steam.

Steve..... Kurt Kistler

Stephanie..... Lisa Cangelosi

Cain..... M.R. Eudy

Grand Poobah..... Jack Irons

Written by..... G.P. Austin

Produced by..... M. Lee Jacobson

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