1998. Violence reigns under the grasp of a cult they call The Sect. In this combo thrill ride of action adventure gameplay and hardcore rapid-fire massacres, only one person has the power to save 5 billion people. You. But first you'll have to harness your frightening psychic abilities. And we're not talking spoon-bending here. You're blowing up enemies just by thinking about it. So, get a grip. On your mind. Your weapons. The future. Hardline. It's the ultimate mind game.

Release: 1996

Developer: Cryo Interactive

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Type: Adventure

Platforms: DOS, Mac, Windows 95


Actors David Gregg and Rochelle Redfield both appeared in the Highlander television series.

Actor David Gasman also did voice work for the video game "Beyond Good and Evil."

Ted..... David Gregg

Catherine..... Rochelle Redfield

Lars..... David Gasman

Produced by..... Diarmid Clarke

Directed by..... Nic Mathieu, Greg Glachant

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