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Girl's Club is a fantasy dating game published by Philips Interactive Media for the CD-i in 1992. Starring Nickelodeon's Heidi Lucas ("Salute Your Shorts") as the leader of the club who helps the player choose which date to go on.

Philips based the game on the classic Dream Date board game where girls get to go on simulated dates with "thirty of the coolest guys in the universe." One of the dates is actor and acting coach Chambers Stevens.

Title Three

Release: 1992

Developer: Philips POV Entertainment

Publisher: Philips Interactive Media

Type: Dating Sim

Platforms: CD-i


Title Two

"Girl's Club" was Philips' attempt to explore the pre-teen girl market. "McKenzie & Co," released three years later by Her Interactive, was more successful.

Heidi Lucas

Chambers Stevens

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