Alice Sanger is a private detective in a futuristic metropolis. She started out her career in the police force, but got fired after she tried to expose corruption within the bureau. As a result her marriage went downhill, her ex-colleague and soon to be ex-husband joined one of the more powerful commercial armies of the city.

After a couple of missions he went missing in action. Years later, weathered by bitterness, we meet Alice when she starts on another dodgy assignment from an anonymous client. She needs to get a briefcase. This journey takes her down a dangerous path. She must get her information by breaking in and questioning anyone who might know more.

Release: 2007

Developer: Revival

Publisher: None

Type: Adventure/Mystery

Platforms: PC


Fate by Numbers was made as a graduation project for Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD, Avans) in Breda, the Netherlands. Revival is the name of the fictional company behind the game, set up by four students. The game was made on a shoestring budget.

The purpose of the game was to make a FMV-game to satisfy old school adventure gamers and introduce new players to the genre. But also to see if it is now possible to make this kind of game using pro-consumer technology, previously only available for big budget (game) companies.

Alice Sanger..... Nicole Mischer

Robert Portman..... Remco Corman

Rosie Denton..... Trista Mrema

General Walters..... Mark Janicello

Directed by..... Revival

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