THIS IS NOT A DRILL! People are still alive in there! But they won't be for long if you don't rescue them! Leading the Fire Fighters from Company 13 into the blaze, you've got to find the victims trapped inside and make it out alive!

Three different challenges - a house engulfed in flames, a blazing hotel with 112 rooms, and a huge university booby-trapped by a crazed nuclear physicist.

(description from the back of the Sega CD Version)

Release: 1995

Developer: Sega of America

Publisher: Sega of America

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: Sega CD, 32xCD


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Retail copies of Fahrenheit came in a double pack that included a Sega CD copy and a 32X CD copy of the game.

The difficulty settings changed many things in the game:

LEVEL 1: On easy mode you don't have to find the hazards first. On hard mode you receive no extra oxygen from finding hazards.

LEVEL 2: On easy mode there are 2 floors. On hard mode there are 4 floors.

LEVEL 3: On easy mode the floorplan is smaller. On hard it is much larger.

Title Three



One of the better "control your character" titles.

Chief Chavez..... Barry Blake

McGuire..... Shelley Cook

Hobbs..... Robert Racki

Stinkowski..... John Stoneham Sr.

Washington..... Robert Thomas

Directed by..... Raymond Elias

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