Solve the crime before time runs out... or you could be the next victim.

A brutal crime has been committed in Santa Fe... Who are the suspects? What is the motive? And where will you find evidence that points you to the killer?

You are the detective assigned to Santa Fe's most puzzling case. With your Native-American partner, John Night Sky, you'll interview a quirky group of locals to uncover a bloddy trail to the killer. One wrong assumption could be your last. You'll be out of a job -- or worse... dead.

(description from the back of the PC version.)

Title: The Elk Moon Murder

Release: 1996

Developer: Activision, Inc.

Publisher: Activision, Inc.

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Mac, PC

Title One
Vid Pic One      

Created by Shannon Gilligan, producer of the award-wining "Virtual Murder Series," and Sam Egan, writer-producer of "Northern Exposure."

Created by..... Shannon Gilligan

Created by..... Sam Egan

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