Dragon's Lair II from Leland Corporation is more than an exciting sequel to the hit arcade game. With 3 years of work on completely new animation art, Dragon's Lair II explores an exciting new dimension in interactive video: Time Travel!

Dirk the Daring returns from the original saga to rescue Princess Daphne who has been abducted by the evil Wizard Mordroc. But there's a new twist this time: Daphne has been spirited away by Mordroc and Dirk must brave the perils of time itself to save her!

(description from the flyer)

Release: 1991

Company: Leland Corp

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Title One
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  February 1992


The first Dragon's Lair injected the idea of interactive video games into the minds of coin-op crusaders everywhere. The great top-notch cartoon graphics and animation and some beefed-up laserdisc technology enable this version to continue the legacy.

You never get down and dirty with ole' Dirk, but you won't be able to talk any stuff in an arcade if you haven't tried Dragon's Lair II.

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