America's most exciting family TV game show is now the industry's hottest redemption game!

Choose your case and follow the game as prompted by the game's emcee. Eliminate cases just like the TV show and wait to hear the offer from the banker. Then the player needs to choose: Deal or No Deal!

(description from the arcade flyer)

Release: 2007

Company: ICE Inc. / PlayMechanix

Cabinet Height: 89"

Cabinet Width: 50"

Cabinet Weight: 600 lbs.


Publisher ICE Inc (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment) released the arcade games Wheel of Fortune and Kiddie Coaster which also feature live-action video.

ICE also has a smaller, Street Version of the cabinet as well as the all-new Deal Or No Deal MEGA. MEGA features new graphics, a new stage, 16 new models, and introduces the MEGA Spin bonus feature.

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