You are on a covert mission to gather information from the island complex of General Minh. After your Apache helicopter crashes on the island you must find the equipment to get the helicopter working again and escape with the intel. Fortunately, you have your Military Communications Link (MCL) and the help of Kat, a female operative who will help you on your mission.

Release: 1993

Developer: Mechadeus

Publisher: Media Vision, Inc.

Type: Action/Adventure

Platform: Mac, PC

Title Three


Eileen Weisinger, who plays Kat, is a stunt person who's worked on several films including "Star Trek: Nemesis," "Charlie's Angels" and "The Faculty." Critical Path was her first starring role.

Writers Mark Giambruno and Ned Miller also wrote The Daedalus Encounter. .

Title Three

Kat..... Eileen Weisinger

Prisoner..... Brian Bernasconi

Greer..... Al Qualls

General Minh..... Min Yee

Directed by..... Gene Thomas

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