Mob Game

Guide by cetrata93  

Mob Game is available on

Choice 1: Watch The Office or Black Mirror. Both lead to Choice 2.

Choice 2: Go to Bedroom or Keep Watching TV. Both lead to Choice 3.

Choice 3: Say Goodbye or Hug Goodbye. Both lead to Choice 4.

Choice 4: Let Her Die or Get the Money. Let Her Die leads to Game Over 1 while Get the Money leads to Choice 5.

Choice 5: Sell Stuff on Craigslist or Call Rich Dad. Both lead to Choice 6

Choice 6: (QTE) Click to Remember to Get Gun. Not clicking takes you to Choice 7 without Gun.

Choice 7: Where is Diane, Don't Have the Money or Pull out Gun. Where is Diane loops to 7, Don't Have the Money loops to Choice 6, or Pull out Gun leads to Choice 8 if you have the gun or Game Over 2 without the Gun.

Choice 8: (QTE) Kick Gun out of Steel's hands. Clicking leads to Choice 9 while not doing anything leads to Game Over 2.

Choice 9: Shoot Steel or Let Steel Live. Both lead to Choice 10 with Steel either dead or Alive.

Choice 10: (QTE) Dodge. Clicking leads to Choice 11 while not doing anything leads to Game Over 3.

Choice 11: Drop Gun or Don't Drop it. Don't Drop Gun leads to Game Over 4 while Drop Gun leads to Good Ending if Steel is alive or Game Over 5 if Steel is Dead.