Johnny Test's Ultimate Meatloaf Quest (Netflix)

Guide by cetrata93  

Choice 1: Fro Yo or Stun Gun.

Either choice leads to Choice 2.

Choice 2: Red Portal or Blue Portal.

I recommend going with the Blue Portal first.

Blue Portal

Choice 3: Play or Shoo.

Shoo will automatically play if the Blue Portal is visited after the Red Portal. Either choice leads to the Choice 4.

Choice 4: Obey or Disobey

Both will lead to Choice 5.

Choice 5: Fro Yo or Stun Gun.

Fro Yo leads to Ending 1 while Stun Gun leads to Choice 6.

Choice 6: Lab or Click Heels.

Note: Lab will automatically play if the Blue portal is visited after the Red portal.

Click Heels leads to Ending 2.

Lab leads to Choice 7 and you will obtain another multifunction ray in the process.

Choice 7: Red or Gold Portal.

Red leads to the Red Portal world.

Gold Portal leads to Ending 3.

Red Portal

Note: If Red is revisited after going through the Blue portal, you automatically get the gun and go to Choice 14 .

Choice 8: Doorbell or Walk In.

Either choice leads to Choice 9 (or 9a).

Choice 9 (if the Red portal is visited first): Fro Yo or Stun Ray.

Both lead to Choice 10.

Choice 9a (if the Red portal is visited second): Shrink Loaf or Shrink Dad.

Both lead to Choice 10 but shrinking the loaf could change the ending.

Choice 10: Slide Under or Go Upstairs.

Slide Under leads to Ending 4 or 4a (depending on if the meatloaf was shrunk or not).

Upstairs leads to Choice 11.

Choice 11: Lab or Escape Pod.

Lab will automatically be chosen if Red portal is visited second.

Escape Pop reroutes you to lab choice and it will take you to Choice 12.

Choice 12: Lick or Beg.

Lick will always get you another multiverse ray. This will lead to Choice 13 [or 13A] if Dad's peg was shrunk.

If Red Portal is visited second, or Ending 5 if visited first, Beg will always lead you to Choice 13, but you will only get the multiverse ray if Red Portal is visited second and the meatloaf didn't shrink.

Choice 13: Blue or Red.

Blue will take you to Choice 14 while Red will take you to Ending 5 if the other ray has been gotten.

You'll go to 5a if the ray wasn't obtained but the meatloaf was shrunk

You'll go to 5b if you have neither.

Choice 13a: Help Barkville or Red Portal or Help Dad

Help Barkville takes you to Choice 14

Red Portal takes you to Ending 5

Help Dad takes you to 100% Ending (without text at the end).

Choice 14: Blue or Gold

Blue takes you to the 100% Ending, whereas Gold takes you to Ending 3.