Escape the Undertaker (Netflix)

Guide by cetrata93  

Choice 1: Brave Enough or Too Scared.

Too Scared gives you a nice 4th wall joke before it loops you back to Brave Enough. Both lead to Choice 2.

Choice 2: Choose between each new day member to follow: Xavier, Kofi, or Big E

All lead to Choice 3.

Choice 3: Go Upstairs or Downstairs.

Upstairs goes to Choice 4 (Recommended). Downstairs goes to Choice 8.


Choice 4: Take Power vial or Leave Power vial.

Both lead to Choice 5 but taking the power vial is the only way to get 100% ending.

Choice 5: Follow Kolf or Stay in Library.

Kolf leads to Choice 6 while staying in library leads to Choice 7.

Choice 6: Face Undertaker or Flee.

Face Undertaker leads to Bad Ending 1 while Flee leads to Choice 7 (or Choice 9 if visited second).

Choice 7: Find Other Half of Key or Break Urn.

Break urn loops to find other half of key and it leads to Choice 8.


Choice 8: Stay in room or Follow Big E.

Both lead to Choice 9 (or Choice 7 if visited first).

Choice 9: Choose which fear to follow: Xavier's, Kofi's, or Big E's.

Xavier's leads to Choice 10, Kofi's leads to Choice 11, and Big E's leads to Choice 12.

Choice 10: Join Undertaker or Stay loyal.

Join Undertaker leads to Bad Ending 2 while Stay Loyal leads to Choice 13.

Choice 11: Take Urn or Silence Doubters.

Take Urn leads to Bad Ending 3 while Silence Doubters leads to Choice 13.

Choice 12: Join Undertaker or Stay Positive.

Join Undertaker leads to Bad Ending 4 while Stay Positive leads to Choice 13.

Choice 13: Choose which member will attack first.

All lead to Choice 14.

Choice 14: Take Urn or Destroy Urn.

Take Urn leads to Decent Ending.

Destroy Urn will depend on if you have taken the power vial. Destroying the urn with no power loops to Decent Ending.

Destroying the Urn with power will lead to 100% Ending and Epilogue Choice. Dialogue will slightly change depending on which character you faced your fear with.

Epilogue Choice: Pick Fear or Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace leads to quick epilogue with Undertaker.